they kept everyone dancing to the very last song

2016-09-11 08:59

Now that we had the venue set, we needed to make it a party. And when we thought about all our favorite weddings in the past three years, the consistent element was music. More specifically, a rocking band that kept people on the dance floor all.night.long.

This would be #2 in Mr,六开彩开奖现场直播ii. Turkey’s limited repertoire of dance moves that Bridesmaid M is trying so desperately to teach him.

And we knew JUST the band that would keep our party rocking. How? From another wedding, of course.

The dance floor didn’t know what was coming for it.

We attended the fabulous (see above for fabulousness) wedding in Philadelphia of a business-school classmate of mine about one year prior to our engagement. Despite some poor shoe choices and a dessert bar at which I could have camped out, we barely sat down the entire night. From classic wedding tunes to contemporary beats, they kept everyone dancing to the very last song (and I’m pretty sure at that point there was chanting for more). We just HAD to have them.

Thanks to Mom’s (again) quick action,vision”, as soon as the venue was in place, the band was called. There had been a hold on the date (eeek!) for another couple, but they had just decided to do a destination wedding, freeing the band up for us (yay!). We were psyched.

You fellow Philadelphians may be asking—so, who is this band? Who will be rocking you all night long? The answer to all of above is…Jellyroll! Don’t roll your eyes at the seemingly “silly” name—yes, it’s different. In fact, one of my bridesmaids thought I was referring to some sort of dessert we’d be having when I made the announcement. But she was good to go when I assured her that there would be everything from James Brown to Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga in the house in May. Because, as we all know, nothing says party like Lady Gaga.

Getting their Gaga on (L–R: Bridesmaid M, Bridesmaid D, MOH J, Bridesmaid C)

Was music as important to your wedding as it was to ours?

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